Leadership: A Cardinal Principle

     Leadership can be tricky to define.  In terms of Alpha Phi Omega, leadership is a matter of development.  People within the fraternity are transformed from followers to leaders, sometimes without even being aware of it.  It can happen gradually, or it may happen overnight -- "Today a follower, tomorrow a leader."     The Fraternity offers several programs to help brothers become better leaders by developing their own personal skills:
    • A personal odyssey of learning, leading, and serving.
    • A series of 5 workshops dealing with leadership development.
    • Material designed to ensure successful administration and stewardship of Alpha Phi Omega's chapters.
    • Guide; a series of dynamic documents.
    • Live; a series of courses for conferences and live webinar sessions.
  • Chapter Assessment and Planning Session (CAPS)
    • A tool to help chapters identify challenges from the past year and to plan programs for the next year.

Resources Available at the National Web site:                     APO Leads                        APO Impact  

Be a Leader.  Be a Friend.  Be of Service.