Service: A Cardinal Principle

Photo courtesy of Jena Hughes

Photo courtesy of Jena Hughes
     Our chapter service program provides many opportunities for the development of social awareness, friendships, and leadership skills.  Participation in our service program helps set Alpha Phi Omega apart from other fraternal organizations.

     The Fraternity has established four areas of service in which chapters should be involved.  These are:
    • Service to the campus
    • Service to the community
    • Service to the nation
    • Service to the fraternity
     Service projects vary extensively.
    • Large or small?
      • Large projects that involve most of the chapter provide a great opportunity for members to work together.  Small projects increase the chapter's diversity and meet the interests of a greater number of brothers.
    • Traditional or new?
      • Traditional projects are done every year.  Alpha Zeta Iota is such a young chapter that we are currently working to establish some of these traditional programs.  Any new project brings new challenges that can invigorate brothers' activity and boost chapter morale.
    • "People" or "task-oriented"?
      • Some projects involve direct contact with people while others will involve getting a specific, tangible job done.
    • Chapter initiated or assisted?
      • Projects that are planned by the chapter allow for brothers to use their individual talents and resources.  Assisting other campus and community organizations with the planning of projects usually means less work but does promote the Fraternity and enhance opportunities of cooperation.
     There are also national activities each year that are designed to enhance the organization's impact on the nation.  These activities include Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, Spring Youth Service Day, and National Service Week.  The 2009-2010 program for National Service Weeks is titled "Blue and Gold Go Green: Environmentalism".  For November 1 - 7, 2009, the theme will be "The 5th Field of Service: Service to the Earth" and "Get the Green Out: Making Communities Greener" is the theme for October 31 - November 6, 2010.

     A successful service program benefits both the brothers and those being served.  Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega should really feel good about the quality of volunteer work they have done.  Through service, brothers should feel challenged, and should have the opportunity to strengthen friendships and learn new skills.  

Photo courtesy of Jena Hughes

Be a Leader.  Be a Friend.  Be of Service.