Dear Potential Sponsor:

During the past two years the Grand Valley Rowing Team has doubled it's membership as well as improved it's performance on the national stage. Last year, the team size peaked at one-hundred athletes, the largest team in the organization's 35-year history. In order to continue this growth and to enable more crews to qualify for the national championship, the team needs financial assistance to purchase new equipment.

The concept of sponsorship from outside the rowing community has been a work in progress for the past year. In that time we have created a number of partnership opportunities for both businesses and individuals to support the team. The significance and necessity of this support is unparalleled. In return for financial support, sponsors receive recognition in the form of advertising space on our equipment. The equipment travels to competitions around the mid-west, as far south as Louisiana and as far east as Pennsylvania. Additionally, sponsors who donate $500 or more have their name or company logo added to our web site with a link back to their own site. Sponsors' names are also posted at the boathouse and our athletes, alumni and friends are encouraged to support those businesses. All donations are tax deductible.

This is your opportunity to help put Grand Valley in the national spotlight. You will also give dedicated student-athletes the chance to succeed. Please consider taking advantage of this partnership with the Grand Valley Rowing Club. For additional information, please call the rowing office at 616-331-2369.


Jenny Smith
Vice President
Grand Valley Rowing Club