J. G. Anschütz GmbH
High end manufacturer of target rifles and accessories. Based in Germany, Anschütz has been making rifles for 150 years and are highly regarded for their Match 54 action and match trigger.
AHG Anschütz GmbH
A different division of the above rifle manufacturer, solely responsible for non-rifle accessories. They specialize in high quality shooting clothing, both custom and standard sizes.
Carl Walther GmbH
High end manufacturer of target pistols and rifles, also based in Germany. Walther splits the majority of the target rifle market with Anschütz by producing products of the same quality.
Feinwerkbau GmbH
Yet another German manufacturer of high end target pistols and rifles.
Gehmann GmbH
Manufacturer of target shooting guessed it, from Germany. They specialize in new rifle work and shooting clothing.
Steyr Sportwaffen GmbH
A sport division of the Austrian military firearm manufacturer Steyr Arms, their firearms are not often found in the U.S.
Grünig + Elmiger AG
Manufacturer of "revolutionary" target rifle stocks from Switzerland. Their gaining traction in the U.S. with the RSII Revolution stock due to it's vibration damping system and lower cost.
Centra UK
Rifle sight manufacturer. Compatible with most major rifle models.
MEC Shooting Equipment GmbH
Another German manufacturer of target rifle accessories. Most known for their Contact buttplate which is used on over 50% of all air rifles and their training books.
Maker of high quality (and a bit overpriced) shooting clothing, based in Germany.
Kurt Thune
A very popular manufacturer of high end shooting clothing. This Finnish company, Oy Teema Line LTD., produces only rifle clothing under the Thune name.
Sauer Shooting Sportswear
Extremely high end manufacturer of shooting clothing. Likely made in Germany, their stuff costs a mint.
Monard Shooting
At only a decade old, this Swedish manufacturer makes surprisingly cost-effective shooting clothing. Highly recommended.


Eley Ltd.
Eley is the standard when it comes to precision .22LR ammunition. Their Tenex bullet is widely regarded as the most accurate and has won many world titles. Hold on to your wallet as a case will set you back quite a bit.
Nammo Lapua Oy
Lapua is one of the largest manufacturers of ammunition with factories spread all over Europe. They purchased the oldest ammunition manufacturer (175 years) when they bought SK Jagd in 1991. They still produce rimfire cartridges under both names with SK being accepted as the more cost effective of the two.
Wolf Performance Ammunition
Ignoring the rest of the Wolf product line, the .22LR is great. In fact, it's identical to the SK product line as it's made in the same plant by the same people.
RWS Munition
Manufacturer of very high end ammunition and pellets. Their .22LR ammunition is overpriced but the Meisterkugeln pellets are well worth the money.
Aguila Ammunition
An inexpensive ammunition made in Mexico. The website is for the importer, Centurion Ordnance, Inc., but has good information about the products.
CCI Ammunition
A manufacturer specializing in rimfire ammunition. CCI Green tag is quite popular for general purpose target ammunition.
Federal Premium
Federal Gold Medal is a excellent make of .22LR and is used at the highest levels of competition.
Winchester Ammunition
Supreme .22LR is quite good although difficult to find.
PMC Ammunition
Used to make Scoremaster .22LR ammo which was very inexpensive and worked alright.
Haendler & Natermann Sport GmbH
One of the worlds top pellet manufacturers. Currently imported to the U.S. by Beeman and Champion's Choice.


The National Target Company
National Target prints paper targets for most disiplines of shooting sports. They are currently the only official supplier for USA/NRA 50 targets.
Noptel Oy
Manufacturer of various laser based training systems for the military and sport shooting. The Sport II has become quite popular with the recent price decrease.
SCATT Company
Similiar to the Noptel system, the SCATT Shooter Training System uses active targets instead of passive reflectors.
Haring Electronic Targets
German manufacturer of live-fire electronic target systems.
Meyton Elektronik
Another German manufacturer of live-fire electronic target systems, specifically for air rifle.
Kongsberg Mikroelektronikk AG
Electronic target system manufacturer for ranges up to 1000m.
RIKA Sport GmbH & CoKG
Official live-fire electronic target manufacturer for the ISSF.
Yet another German manufacturer of live-fire electronic target systems
SUIS Ascor
ISSF certified live-fire electronic target system manufacturer for all displines.
Suomen Biathlon Oy
Manufacturer of the EKO-AIMS electronic rifle and target system, specifically for biathlon competition.


Champion's Choice
Everything the target shooter could want, and generally all in stock. They are the primary supplier for the GVSU Shooting Team, and they have thier own brand of affordable equipment. Orders generally ship the same day and will get from Tennessee to Michigan in two days with standard ground shipping.
Champion Shooters Supply
They carry virtually everything necessary for the sport at competitive prices. They also carry their own Freeland brand of shooting equipment at great prices. Being located in Ohio gets orders to Michigan in one day with standard ground shipping.
Neal Johnson's Gunsmithing, Inc.
Neal J. has a huge catalog and can get almost anything, but it may take awhile as it's mostly special order. They have a great selection of used equipment which changes quite often.
Brenzovich Firearms and Training Center
Has a good selection of shooting gear and multiple target and training systems, most noteably the Noptel Sport II.
Center Shot Sports
A variety of target shooting equipment including Kurt Thune clothing and the SCATT training system.
Monard Shooting USA
Under the Monard name, Try&Bom Inc. is the U.S. distributor of Monard shooting clothing. Call at night or use email for the fastest response.
Beeman Precision Airguns
A importer of airguns under the Feinwerkbau and their own name. Most noted for their affordable break-barrel, spring piston air rifles.


Purdue Rifle and Pistol Club
GVSU Shooting Team's arch rivals, and a great group of shooters!
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Rose-Hulman Rifle homepage. They are once again in the WIRC.
Akron University
Akron Rifle homepage.
Ohio State University
Ohio State Rifle results.
Morehead State University
Morehead Rifle homepage.
University of Missouri-KC
UMKC Rifle homepage.
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Not in the WIRC, but UAF produces scores to strive for.
Rose-Hulman NCAA Rifle Links
Comprehensive list of links to schools with NCAA rifle teams.


National Rifle Association
Everyone should be a member of the NRA! It's only $10 for an associate membership which is needed for many matches, and they help protect our Second Amendment rights.
Civilian Marksmanship Program
The CMP offers information about shooting with a special emphasis on safety and education. They sell ammo and rifles to registered clubs.
USA Shooting
The national governing body for Olympic shooting sports. In 1997 they also designed one of the most useless smallbore targets ever devised.
International Shooting Sports Federation
The governing body for international shooting sports. The WIRC conforms with the ISSF's rules.
Gun Owners of America
GOA is a non-profit lobbying organization to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners.
Army Marksmanship Unit
The AMU guys are some of the best there is. Imagine getting paid to shoot all day, every day.


Grand Rapids Rifle & Pistol Club
GRRPC is where we hold practices. They have other shooting displines and matches which are fun to get involved with.
A rather new site dedicated to smallbore shooting in the US. It has good articles on positions and equipment.
TargetShooting Canada
This Canadian website has great resources for all aspects of competitive shooting; including equipment, training, match pictures, and even video.
An interesting shooting simulator. It's good to take a look at if you're having trouble learning to use iron sights. It's also a fairly good way to kill an evening trying to get a perfect score.
International-Style Shooting Info
If you've been through all the above links and still have not found what you're looking for, check here. His link section, while outdated, is extensive. E-mail the webmaster below if you find a link that we need here.

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