Inner-Fraternity Council

Grand Valley State University

Meeting Minutes



v     Call to Order

v     Roll Call

Ø      AlphSig - Present

Ø      DeltSig - Present

Ø      SigEp - Present

Ø      Theta Chi - Present

Ø      Lambda Chi -  Present

v     President’s Report

Ø      Goals for position

§         1 on 1 communication with chapters

§         More delegates from chapters

§         To see more active involvement as a Greek system

§         Coordinate chapter calendars

Ø      Questions to chapters (Responses follow)

§         What is the purpose of IFC?

·        Stand up for the chapters

·        Work with media for more positive PR

·        Help out more with recruitment (More PR, more information meetings)

·        PR tends to be at the last second, needs to be more planned

·        Freshman survey with possible interest of Greek life

·        Flyers for Freshman orientation classes

·        Promote Greek life in dorms or Freshman seminar classes (Lets go to them)

·        Talk about issues that effect the Greek system in IFC

·        Make committee meetings productive

·        Do more socials and such with other fraternities

§         What do you think of the issues with the Lanthorn?

·        IFC needs to take a stand

·        Divert attention instead of retaliating

·        Lets turn it around and show the positives of what we do

·        As IFC we need to educate people about what there really is to being Greek

·        Get an outside stand point of someone who knows what good the Greek system does

·        We need to put a positive image out there

·        Advertise in the Lanthorn

·        Series of articles “Why I went Greek”

·        We need something in the Lanthorn every week about Greek life

·        Greek of the week in the Lanthorn (major, name, organization, leadership rolls, etc)

·        Putting out a positive image is silent retaliation

§         How was Winter Rush?

·        Rush 365 – Fraternities are not out there enough for prospective students to see

·        Open forums before rush on rush ideas

·        Didn’t see many posters around

·        Recent happenings caused problems

·        2 weeks was too long, latest was too short, week and a half would be good

·        Greek week has been disappointing the past few years

·        Greek week needs to be more about unity rather then competition

·        During rush week just call the guys

·        Five rules to rushing (Meet the guy, make him your friend, have him meet your friends, (Rule 4), ask him to rush)

·        There’s no reason why someone who spent their time to come out (to orientation) should not go Greek.

·        Greek week needs to be about getting our name out there

·        IFC can raise interest and put on events but it’s every ones job to get people out to events

§         Expansion

·        We need to be willing to open up and expand otherwise the whole Greek system won’t expand

·        A new Greek organization can help grow the current Greek community

·        A new organization trying to get guys can help bring out guys who might look at us as well

§         Feb 12th – Co-sponsored w/ Women’s Center 9:00PM @ Place TBD

·        Winter and Fall Rush pledges are required to attend

·        Anyone can attend


v     Officer Reports (Goals)

Ø      Rush

§         Look forward to next rush

Ø      Judicial

§         Getting party policies put up in houses

§         Working on Greek unity

Ø      Programming

§         Doing more events focusing on Greek unity

§         Coordinating calendars

Ø      Academics

§         General Academic Survey

§         Try to promote the “Academic Greek”

Ø      Public Relations

§         “I want to be in your face” – Person to person PR

§         Some PR that is not directly event oriented

Ø      Finance

§         Get dues in by Feb 18th

Ø      Secretary

§         IFC Webpage

v     Advisor’s Report

Ø      Dinner meeting next week with Dean Merkle make sure you are represented

Ø      Good job SigEp


v     Old Business

Ø      None


v     New Business

Ø      Meeting Schedule

§         Feb 11th – Risk Management Meeting (Change from Schedule)


v     Chapter Reports

Ø      AlphSig

§         Service event tomorrow

§         Feb 11th – Date Auction 6pm – 10PM @ Cook Dewitt

§         Feb 15th – Dance

§         Pinning this week

Ø      DeltSig

§         COB Rush Events this week

§         AOP & ASA Socials coming up

Ø      SigEp

§         Social this Friday open to Greek

·        Requiring complete up to date list of members

·        Email

Ø      Theta Chi

§         Date party coming up

Ø      Lambda Chi

§         COB Rush coming up


v     Announcements

Ø      None