The Peace Movement
photo by Joseph Montgomery
The First Day of Silence for Peace
When our parents were young, they never hesitated to challenge the status quo or fight for what is right. It seems that today, a complacency has set in - and it is not one that should remain acceptable. Here is your opportunity to do something about it. Join us in the Day of Silence for Peace, to show the world that we will no longer let the world pass us by and let politicians make decisions for us. We are ready to say we have an opinion, and sometimes the best way to be heard in a world where everyone is shouting is to be totally silent.
Peace is: coexistence. The cessation of wars that are unexplainable. The cessation of the greed that results in hunger. The cessation of the destruction of our home, Mother Earth.
Documents You'll Need
To Spread The Word:
Save (click link, right-click on picture, save to...) and print a few copies of this poster to hang up around your community. Try schools, libraries, or your workplace; but please make sure you get permission to post them so they aren't immediately torn down.
For The Press:
This is an article you can send to your local newspaper to get coverage and more involvement. Simply copy and paste into your email, address the subject as "Peace Movement to host Day of Silence". It is best to send it to the editor that deals with the local events of your area.
For Teachers and Bosses:
This document can be given to your teachers, professors and bosses to alert them to your coming vow of silence. It's simply good etiquette to give them warning a week in advance - but make sure you verbally explain it, too!
For the Day of Silence:
Here is the page that will explain what you are doing while you are silent. It allows you to remain silent while still telling others about the cause.
What You Can Do
On October 23, 2007, your peers all around the world will wrap a piece of white cloth across their mouths that says "PEACE" to symbolize their belief in making a difference where they live. To join them, please send an email to to receive the updates and information you will need to tell your professors and/or boss that you are taking part. To be a Movement Leader for your area (putting up fliers and alerting the media with a preformed email), type "Leader" in the email subject line.
Please remember to take pictures of you and your friends and send them to the email address with your location to be posted ONLINE after the Day of Silence!