Daniel Slaughter

Welcome to my interests area









Almost all of my interests are computer related. These categories/interests include the following:



      Website Design (Webmasterme)


      Hardware: Building Computers

      Surfing/Talking Online



I also like to cook. Occasionally one of my best friends, Gary, and I get together and we cook for friends and family.


I guess we could call working an interest too. The people I work with are interesting to talk to. They always have something new to talk about; and they dont seem to mind me talking either. =)



Other things, other than computer, that I like doing is hanging out with friends. We do all sorts of things; such as go bowling, hang out at the mall, going to movies, and even just hanging out at each others houses.


Playing cards is fun too. Rather its Go-Fish or a full-blown euchre tournament.


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