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The Grand Valley State University Ultimate Frisbee Club was officially recognizes as a club by the university in 1998 The club was developed in order to promote the game of ultimate frisbee for all persons regardless of ability, age, or gender. This club provides an opportunity for players of all skill levels to compete in an environment where the fundamental aspect of ultimate Frisbee, SPIRIT OF THE GAME, is stressed. While competitive ultimate is encouraged emphasis remains on highlighting the main reasons for playing ultimate:

  • A great way to meet new people and make lasting friendships
  • It substitutes a DIE-HARD mentality with a sportsmanship-focused enviorment
  • It's a more exciting alternative for an aerobic workout
  • Its FUN!!

While we compete in various Ultimate tournaments throughout the year (Notre Dame invitational, Mad Dod tournament in Holland, Huckfest in Grand Rapids) our focus is to perpetuate Recreational Ultimate on the GVSU campus. We are a Co-Ed sports club so anybody can come out and join the fun!!

Latest News
  • Feb-08-07
    The Winter Schedule has been posted on the schedule page.
  • Sep-09-06
    The Schedule for this semester is now posted. Spring Sectionals is coming up soon. Watch your emails for pertinent info from bill.