United Streaming

After playing around a lot with United Streaming I began to realize just how vital it can be within a classroom. From expereince I know that students learn better and recallm things better when they not only hear things but can link those spoken words to images. United Streaming creates a wonderful resource for teachers in that sense. This site not only allows the teacher to download movies needed, but also print out related materials such as quizes, essay questions, questions, and activities.

I personally know I will use this site in the future. I can utalize movies to use within my classroom and in power point presentations. I can also see myself creating a Jepoardy game with a movie tide somewhere into much like the real game show. However I must confess with a major in Earth Science this will be one source I can not be without. It will help my students recall things and help tie certain concepts and topics together.

By:  Elizabeth Carr