Belly Dancing

About Belly Dancing: Belly Dancing is originated from the Middle East. It's a cultural dance that has spread throughout the globe. It is composed of movements of the hips, belly, and chest. Belly Dancing was said to be the dance of love. A way to win the man's heart was through her stomach. Some today might think that it's a version of exotic dancing, it is not. Belly is just another style of dance such as Contemporary or Hip Hop. Although, it might look easy belly dancing is hard work. To be a good dancer you must be able to control your stomach and chest muscles. There are even classes of belly for work outs. 

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Modern Belly Dancing

Modern Belly Dancing is a little different from when it was first popular. The moves are generally the same but the style is a little different. A common thing done to modern Belly Dancing is to put other style moves in. Some that weren't used before, or new costume styles. Generally it is the same but has a new twist on it.

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Older Style Belly Dancing

Older Style Belly Dancing is a little bit more conservative. the costumes don't show as much skin and they are much more expensive. Most of the women who belly danced were from the Middle East, which is where it originated from. Belly dancing was a sensual dance of love, and has changed over time.

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Belly Dancing Art

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Me, A Belly Dancer

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