A web quest for 6th grade


Designed by Rachael Gonsior









People have being using boats as a means of transportation for thousands of years.But sometimes ships get lost or sink during their trip due to stormy weather, icebergs, hidden rocks or even battles between other ships!Experts believe there are close to 3 million shipwrecks at the bottom or our oceans! Can you imagine that?Itís important to learn about shipwrecks because these vessels are like tiny museums, that hold clues to what life was like during that time period. Iím sure youíve all heard the famous story of the sinking of the Titanic.Well, today we are going to look at 3 other famous ships, and try to learn a little bit about their history, what happened, and the way of life during that time period.


The Mary Rose as depicted on the Anthony RollChose one of the 3 ships below to research:

1)  Mary Rose††



3)The Portland





You will work together with a partner to learn all that you can about your ship.At the end of the web quest you will be expected to turn in a short book which should include the following:

1)    A Map showing the location of your shipwreck ( this can be drawn by hand or printed off and plotted)

2)    A Journal entry from the Captain, member of the crew, or passenger on the night of the shipwreck accounting the events occurring

3)    Some brief history of your ship

4)    Fun facts you learned along the way

5)     A least one picture of your ship (hand drawn or printed off)

Extra Credit: Make a timeline of events that occurred between the time your ship sank and when it was discovered and rescued from the water by divers, or a timeline of events during the life of the ship. Be creative and have fun!



1)            Mary Rose


        The Learning City This interactive website provides a quick introduction and background history that is simple and easy to understand.It looks at some of the crew members onboard and gives a good visual representation.

        Explore the Mary Rose- Explore the inside of the ship! Talk to crewmembers, see where they stayed on the ship, and tour a 3-D model!

        Dive in and Discover The Mary Rose Click on the link that appears and experience a pictorial timeline of events! Click on the Explore the ship link, and find out about the food, pastimes, and clothing of passengers on board! Find out where items were stored and the names for different sections of the ship!

        Map of location where Mary Rose sank

        More in-depth information about the Mary Rose, may be hard to understand but there could be a few good details you find!


2)            Lusitania


        Great place to look for background information. Click on the links on the left side of the page to learn more about the disaster, captain, a timeline of events, the torpedo, and even the passengers on board!

        This is a cool chart that makes some comparisons to other sunken ships

        Diary accounts from an eyewitness to the shipwreck!

        This website provides another timeline of events

        Map of the location where the Lusitania sunk


3)            The Portland



        Find out about the Stormy Weather conditions

        Great arrangement of Shipwreck Data at bottom of page

        Background about the storm and ship, as well as information about the search for Portlandís final resting location. Click on the links to the left.

        Watch a video clip of the Portland sink!

        Location and map of shipwreck area. Scroll down to find information for Portland.At the top in the right hand corner, click on the map to enlarge the picture.

        Experience a pictorial timeline of events! Click on the pictures above the text to move along.



You will be working on your web quest with at least one other partner. Print out the attached sheet of guided questions.You do NOT need to answer all of these, but they will get you thinking in the right direction.Feel free to make up your own questions if you stumble across something interesting!

1)    Pick ONE shipwreck to research from the 3 choices above.

2)    Visit the links provided under the RESOURCES section.Try to find several facts from each site you visit.You do not need to visit all the sights, but it is recommended.

3)    Fill out the background information sheet.These will be your notes for your story book you will create

4)    Print out or draw a sketch of the location of where your ship sank

5)     Pick a character (ship captain, crew member, passenger, or eyewitness) to write a page long journal entry describing the night of the shipwreck. Be as creative as you can!

6)    Include a brief history of the ship, background information, and fun facts you discovered along the way

7)     Include a timeline of events for extra credit!

8)     After your books are finished, we will share them with the class to see what fun information we all discovered!


The most important thing Iím looking for in your books is to BE CREATIVE! You need to have the five things I listed above under the task section to receive full credit, these include a map, journal entry, history, fun facts, and at least one picture of the ship.Extra credit will be given to students who also create a timeline of events.There is no page requirement but Iíll expect that you have at least four pages, if you dedicate one page to each requirement.I will be grading on neatness, use of color, and overall how well you were able use the sites provided to find interesting information about your ship.


††††††††† We can learn a lot about a specific time period by looking at the items left behind on sunken ships.Some shipwrecks can occur accidentally or on purpose for a variety of different reasons. Certain shipwrecks are a mystery even to experts, but its fun learn what we can discover about the ships which have been lost to our great OceansJ