THE WEEKEND OF OCT 9-11 THE GVSU LAKERS will be hosting the laker invite. It will take place at Jenison High School in Jenison MI. Follow the link for DIRECTIONS to the pool.  

             A                             B                             C
       GVSU A                  MSU A                       616
          Ohio                         UIC                    Notre Dame    
         WMU                   GVSU B                     MSU B

Saturday Oct. 10, 2009
9:00             GVSU A         vs.              WMU
10:00           MSU A            vs.              GVSU B
11:00           616                   vs.              MSU B
12:00           Ohio                 vs.              WMU
1:00             UIC                  vs.              GVSU B
2:00             Notre Dame      vs.              MSU B
3:00             GVSU A          vs.              Ohio
4:00             MSU A             vs.              UIC
5:00             616                    vs.             Notre Dame
6:00             3RD IN A         vs.             3RD IN B
7:00             2ND IN A         vs.             2ND IN B
8:00             1ST IN B          vs.             1ST IN C

Sunday Oct 11, 2009
8:00             2ND IN A         vs.             2ND IN C
9:00             3RD IN B          vs.            3RD IN C
10:00           1ST IN A           vs.            1ST IN B
11:00           2ND IN B          vs.            2ND IN C
12:00           3RD IN A          vs.            3RD IN C
1:00             1ST IN A           vs.            1ST IN C

Games will be 7 minute quarters with the quarter breaks being 2, 3, 2
Each team will receive 2 one minute timeouts.
OT will be sudden death. In the event of a tie, goals allowed will be the tie breaker.

Lakers to Villanova
This week the Lakers will head south-east for the weekend all the way to Villanova PA. Following the 12 hour drive the lakers start the weekend at 10:10 am Saturday Sept 19, 2009
followed by another game at 12:40 pm vs Villanova University.  Look here for game results on Sept 22.

GVSU Heads to MSU
 This weekend the GVSU Laker Water Polo team will be heading east to Michigan State University where the team will play their first game against the 616 team at 10:30 am in the outdoor pool. The second game will be played at 2:30 vs the MSU B team. Further games will be determined by the game results.

GVSU Water Polo 2009!!
The 2009 GVSU water polo season will kick off on August  17th. Practice will be from 8:30-11:00 pm. If you are a new recruit and need information or directions send an email to the team at and someone will be in contact with you.


Preseason Poll 09

1. MSU
2(T). Cal. Poly
2(T). Arizona State
4. Florida
7. Oregon
8. Arizona
9.  FIU
10. Texas A&M


T-shirts are now on sale for only $10! Contact anyone on the team for  information, or send an email with size and number of shirts along with contact info to:

2008 Water Polo Club of Grand Valley State University