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About Me
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   I am currently a junior in Grand Valley State University majoring in Computer Science and have minor in Mathematics. I hope to finish my Masters by 2006.

Classes for which I have completed in CS:

CS-162 Computer Science I

CS-262 Computer Science II

CS-263 Data Structures and Algorithms

CS-251 Computer Organization

CS-343 Structure Programming Language

CS-350 Intro to Software Engineering

CS-353 Database Programming and Design

CS-361 Unix and C


Classes for which I have completed in Math:

MTH-201 Calculus I

MTH-202 Calculus II

MTH-203 Calculus III

MTH-227 Linear Algebra

MTH-225 Discrete Mathematics

MTH-304 Analysis of Differential Equations

MTH-323 (STA-312) Probability and Statistical Inference

MTH-327 Linear Algebra II

MTH-325 Discrete Mathematics II

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