The Surrender Field has been in the works for many years now, as inspiration and ideas hazily come with their own pace. These songs are free for download and may be passed on. Enjoy.

New Singles

Sinking Pacific is ready for download, or to stream at myspace.com.

Vicodin is finished, along with M357-365.

New Samples

I have released two samples that I am working on. While they are available to listen to on my MySpace Page, I am also providing them here:

Keep in mind that these are just demos. More to come.

Little Girl

Onna No Ko's singles album. Includes two remixes and the first Onna No Ko mix. Only available to download in this zip file (16mb).

Select Shells

Eleven songs in 192kbps. You can now download all 11 songs in one zip file here. The file is 53mb. Some of the following have been removed for space.


Riot Dance Party: Bass Slappin', Drum Smashin', these are the weapons of Riot Dance Party.

Me3Mind: Upcoming Jam Band. Songs available (live): Coming to Reality, Fly So High, and Posse of Love.