We play many games in the gym.  The games are the basic everyday game that everyone plays.  We need more creativity in the gym, so your task is…  Create a game where we split the class in half and play.  Combine games you like to play or watch, making it a challenging activity for the class.


You will create a game in which all students can participate, using each student’s strengths.  All students must feel equally important in their positions.  You will create a diagram to show the positions and how to play the game.  A rule book will also be created; making sure each student will have a copy to look at.  Included with the diagram you will need to write a brief statement explaining how to play the game.


You will first need to come up with a name.  Then generate how to play the game, using the rules and keeping score.  You will need to use these guidelines

     A)12 students must participate at the same time.

    B)You must be active in some way at all times

    C)You will have six 5 minutes periods with 1 minute break in between

    D)You must have some way to score points

    E)You must have at least 6 rules so no one is hurt

    F)You must run your idea by the teacher to insure it is ok

Also you will need to incorporate movement that will get the heart rate up, and work up a sweat.  You will also need to keep it fun and challenging so it holds the attention of the other students.


    This is a website for P.E. lesson plans; you can use these lessons to get ideas for your games.

    This is a website where you can get more information about sports.

    This site has a lot of information for kids and physical education.

You may also use any books or other sites that you feel will be helpful.  Try to think of games that you play or would like to play and include as many of them as you can.



You will be evaluated on these items:

    A)Your diagram and explanation

    B)Your rules (making sure they fit with the game)

    C)Your originality of the game

    D)How well it is played (was it to challenging, or was it to easy?)

    E)How well it gets the heart rate up

    F)You will also grade your self on how you think you did


This will help each student to show off what they like to do, and include others with it.  Let them have some say in what goes on in the classroom to some extent.  Also they should be able to know what gets their heart rate up, and find other games, or parts of games they are good at and like.