The Game:
The game is played with 2 teams of 15 players each. 10 (8.5 in) rubber balls that are not the same color as either team's jersey are used. FOAM BALLS ARE NEVER TO BE USED. The object of the game is to eliminate the other team before they eliminate you.
Scoring a Point:
Eliminate the opposing team and you score a point. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the match wins.
Match Length:
The match is composed of two 25 minute halves (50 mins total). The clock stops on the ref's whistle or on the reset of the point. In the event of a tie, the match moves to 10 minute overtime periods. 2 Timeouts per half.
Playing Field:
Basketball Court (NCAA Regulation is 94'x50'). The court is divided in half by the center line. Balls are placed on the center line for the opening rush. There are two lines 17' from the center line on both sides (34') which both teams may enter. A team may advance as far as the opponent's neutral line to attempt a throw. Sidelines and back lines are out of bounds. Need to keep one foot in on catches. If all points of contact between you and the ground are out of bounds, you're out. If you have one foot inbounds and one foot out of bounds, then you are still considered in.
All players must be students at the team's school. Schools cannot combine to create a team. 20 players maximum: 15 active and 5 bench players. 1 Captain and 2 Assistant Captains are required. Bench players can be subbed at timeouts or between points. All players on the team MUST be wearing a uniform that is the same color and style as everyone else on the team. Uniforms MUST have a number on the front and back of the jersey which is easily visible. First/Last names may be on the back of the uniform, but nicknames are prohibited. Uniforms must resemble the schools colors. Players who are not in the original 20 playing members cannot wear a uniform (creates confusion).
Ball Retrieval:
Since players may not step outside of the court, a staff is needed to help retrieve balls. This staff is to wear clothing that is not similar to either teams uniform to prevent confusion. Balls are to be placed at the approximate point where they went out, and never to be rolled or tossed to a player.
Opening Rush:
All players behind the baseline with 10 balls. On the whistle, players charge forward. NO SLIDING OR KICKING! Balls are brought back to baseline to become active, then it's a free-for-all.
Getting People Out:
Hit a player, they are out. Make a catch, and the thrower is out, and another player comes back in from jail. Balls can be used to block, but if you drop the 'blocker ball' you are out. If you are hit and a teammate catches the ball you are still in and a teammate comes back from jail (the thrower is still in as well). If all points of contact are out of bounds, then you are out. HEADSHOTS ARE LEGAL!
Shot clock:
If you have all 10 balls or 5 or less players, must throw every 10 seconds or lose all balls. No rolling/throwing out of bounds/stalling. The count continues until a legitimate throw has been made. There is also a 15-second shot clock in effect at all times.
Yellow Card given for minor offenses, Red Card given for serious offenses. 2 Yellow Cards equal a red card. Sportsmanship comes first. Any instances or taunting or insulting based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or physical handicap is not tolerated.
6 referees will make rulings on all aspects of the game. Their decision is final. Captains and Assistant Captains are the only players that may question any rulings. Referees may stop the game at any point if a situation needs resolution.
The NCDA was established to create a fun and competitive environment for college students who want to play dodgeball. Any player that attempts to infringe upon the rulings or deliberately attempt to stall the game is encouraged to find another place to play. The NCDA is all about fun and sportsmanship and creating an environment which everyone can enjoy. Sportsmanship comes before all other aspects of the game.