Muscle Growth
    Many people have asked me which type of exercise is better for gaining muscle, slow or quick controlled repetitions? The difference is in the muscle fibers. Your muscles are composed of two kinds of muscle fibers fast-twitch which rapidly contracts during short intense workouts. Where as slow-twitch muscle fibers  contracts slowly during prolonged workouts that are more endurance based. I personally believe that both are important for any athlete.  Everyone's muscles are genetically determined to be composed of certain amounts of fast and slow twitch muscles. Over time fast twitch muscle can exibit slow twitch muscle properties with the proper training and exercise.

    Fast-twitch muscle fiber is great at generating power and speed.These muscles are easier to grow because they are used less and are lighter in color than slow-twitch fibers because of low levels of myoglobin. Myoglobin is an important protein that the human body produces, it contains iron and stores oxygen which are nessacary for our muscles to carry out cellular respiration. than the slow-twitch muscles.  Fast twitch muscles are most important for sprinters, they need fast explosive power.  Fast-twitch fibers are light in color, This is important because it is how your body breaks down chemical bonds from food to release energy.  

    Slow twitch muscle provides lasting endurance and energy.  These fibers hold more blood and assists in creating aerobic energy. These are  reliant on oxygen to keep the reactions going within the muscle. The oxygen capacity can be increased through training.  These fibers are also called “red” fibers due to the increased amount of blood supply. The more work you do with your slow-twitch muscles the more reps and sets you should do. Also decreasing the rest time between your sets is very helpful.

Ways to Train: fast-twitch muscle.
    Jumps, sprints, throws.  
    Bench press, squats, deadlift, tire flips.
    Weighted vests are great while doing pushups or pull-ups for added  micro trauma. (Which makes your body overcompensate while rebuilding muscle
     making it stronger that it was previously. This is your bodies way to try to stop repeat damage from occurring.)

Ways to Train: slow-twitch muscle.
     Do endurance exercises such as:
     Swimming, rowing, and high repitition lifting.

Twitch rate per second:
     Slow-twitch muscle fibers 10-30
     Fast-twitch 30-70
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