History of YBBW

You Beautiful Black Woman was founded by Ms. Terri Houston, former Director of Student Activities at Ferris State University, during the Spring of 1990. The purpose of this organization was to create unity among African-American women. A conference was coordinated  with the assistance of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and little sister organizations: Alpha Angels, Emeralds, Phi Gamma Psi, Kappa Diamonds, Q-Pearls, and Sigma Doves. The first year's theme was Discovering the True Essence of the Black Woman. The second conference became a two-day affair where the running theme "Queens by Nature" was indoctrinated.

In the fall of 1991,
You Beautiful Black Woman became a recognized student organization. Its membership included all students, regardless of race and gender to ensure an open and diverse organization. The mission and organizational goals were to culturally enhance Ferris's campus and increase society's awareness of the African-American woman.

The vision of You Beautiful Black Woman was brought to the campus of Grand Valley State University in the fall of 1993. Ms. Julie Reynolds transferred from Ferris State University to Grand Valley State University to work on her Bachelors in Journalism. Through her guidance, determination, and drive to share her positive experiences of being a member of the Sisterhood, she founded the first charter chapter in 1994. Despite the low number of members during the first semester, the organization started. Those who joined proved that it only takes a few to ignite a vision.

Throughout the school year,
You Beautiful Black Woman sponsored an array of activities included the first annual Appreciate the Black Man Week, the Dating Game, monthly Fireside Chats, and the play "I Like "Em Tender" which was written and directed by Julie Reynolds. Several YBBW members had leading roles.

There are now five chapters carrying the vision of You Beautiful Black Woman: Ferris State- the Alpha, Chapter, Grand Valley State-Beta Chapter, Western Michigan-the Gamma Chapter, Central Michigan-the Delta Chapter, and Eastern Michigan-the Epsilon Chapter. All chapters are working toward the goal to unite women across  college campuses regardless of race, creed, or color, while uplifting and enhancing the strength, knowledge, beauty, and power of the African-American woman.

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YBBW Motto

"Don't use your beautiful energy for negative thoughts, for we All are Kings and Queens by nature."

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