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Meeting Time:

CKI GVSU meets Tuesday at 9:00PM in the LTT 103 during the 2006-2007 school year. This is the basic meeting to keep Circle K'ers informed of events and projects.

So, what is Circle K?

Circle K is a community service and volunteer organization that is affiliated with Kiwanis International. It is actually the largest collegiate service organization in the world, with thousands of members world-wide.

Because Circle K is such a large organization, a number of opportunities become available to small clubs. Opportunities like scholarships, convention trips, and friends all over the state and country.

Please look around the web site and if you have any questions, please email

Did you say leadership?

Circle K has tons of leadership opportunities. On the local level a student can become a board member as president, vice-president, secretary, or treasurer. On a District Level, there are the same positions offered at the local level, but also positions as Lt. Governors for specific areas of the state. There are also leadership positions above the state level, as part of the international board. I could keep going, because there are committes, boards, chairpeople, and many other positions available in a wide variety of areas.

2006 Members and Officers

New Member List - Coming Soon