Pole Dance Moves

Pole workouts involve a combination of dance moves and gymnastic-like tricks.

Beginner Moves

Click on a photo to see a famous pole dance instructor, KT Coates, showcasing some moves from that category.

Beginner Moves

Reverse Sundial

There are a few tips that every beginner should know:

1. Always wipe down the pole before and periodically during a workout to remove any residue that may make the pole slippery.

2. Do not wear lotion on any part of the body, as this makes skin slippery.

3. Wear shorts and a tank top. Many pole maneuvers require skin-to-pole contact to create a grip, so the more exposed skin you have, the easier you'll be able to grip the pole and keep from sliding.

4. Dancing barefoot is best, as socks are too slippery and shoes have too much grip. Some women wear heels to feel sexy as they dance, but I prefer the comfort and ease of movement of bare feet.

5. Know that it will get easier. Continual practice will have you effortlessly performing moves you never thought you could in no time.

6. Don't be afraid! Fear of falling takes away from the momentum and extension needed to make maneuvers look graceful and strong. As long as you are hanging on, or have a strong skin contact grip, you will not fall.

7. Have fun and feel great. Pole dance is supposed to be a fun way to work out and express yourself, while making you feel confident, sexy, and empowered.

Many types of tricks have been developed, from simple holds and spins, to upside-down maneuvers with minimal pole contact. Often, moves can be modified to create unique poses or
to accommodate skill level and flexibility
Back Hook

Intermediate Moves

Intermediate Moves

    Holding Scorpio       Scorpio Handstand

Advanced Moves

Pointers for attempting advanced tricks:

Advanced Moves

                Diva     1. A spotter may be helpful. Spotters can guide you into and help you hold a position as well as give you the confidence you need to "let go".

2. Do not let go until you feel a firm grip. Most advanced tricks require some type of skin-to-pole grip. Until you feel a strong, pulling grip, don't let go.

Use grip powder
if you are having trouble sticking to the pole, but be careful because too much grip can lead to your skin peeling (ouch!)

4. Pole can be painful! Don't be surprised if you end up with blisters, calluses, or bruises after a difficult work out.

5. Your skin will become tougher with practice. Make it a goal to try particularly painful tricks regularly and soon they won't be painful anymore.

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