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I'm a computer science major at Grand Valley State University. That's why I prefer to make a ruthlessly efficient web site with no fancy formatting or Javascript. In other words, browser compatibility should be a non-issue here.

Really Stupid Pictures
Human beings and letters don't mix.

Fun With Computer Science
Your one stop shop for goofy source code snippets.

Perl My tiny little collection of Perl stuff
Basic Programs for the Atari 2600 These are very short programs you can type in on your Atari 2600 to kill a few minutes. They run on the old Basic Programming cartridge. They aren't very flashy, but are a testament to the old addage "where there's a will, there's a way."
The Zaurus Filesystem This is a partial map of the filesystem used on the Sharp Zaurus. This is handy for quickly seeing which directories reside in RAM or in ROM. (PNG format, about 150 KB)

Assorted Silliness
Fiddlin' Mania - What's a geek do when he's bored? He designs his own Bemani game. Here's my sketch. (It's a big file.) I've also made a sketch of how graphical elements could be implemented. This file is a bit smaller.

Video Game Stuff

Negcon Compatibility List NEW
A work-in-progress-list detailing games that are compatible with Namco's unusual Negcon twist controller for Playstation.

Mazan Internet Ranking Entry - Cell phone (WAP) page for entering scores. Bookmark this on your phone.

Guide to running imports on your PS1
In a nutshell, it's easier than you may think.

The Almost Definitive Guide to Session Mode Linking Updated 2/9/04
This should hopefully prove to be an invaluable English language resource for linking a Drummania and Guitar Freaks. It covers hardware setup and software configuration.
(PDF Format)

The Homemade Pop'n Music Controller
A custom full-sized controller. This is on hold indefinitely until I find a button design that doesn't suck.

DDR Max Edits - Copy them to a PS1 memory card with a Dex Drive or similar device. Move them to a PS2 card using the PS2's Browser. Load them in Max using the Outside Manager in Edit mode.

Sandstorm - This is way better than the Heavy mode steps. This would probably be about 9 or 10 feet. Using 2x helps a ton.

Random Photos

Some bizzarre engrish from Namco's equally bizzarre Balance Try.
MTV Tracktrix, which is probably as close as we'll get to a US home version of Beatmania. The "knobs" are the five buttons, and there are three songs.
If only I had one of these shops in my neighborhood.

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