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John F. Kennedy was killed by his own government.  This conspiracy theory says that Kennedy was killed by his own country.  The theory is that the Central Intelligence Agency wanted to do away with Kennedy for one of three reasons.  The first possible reason is because Kennedy gave away Cuba in the Bay of Pigs, in which Kennedy said he would help out the Cubans in overthrowing Castro.  The CIA had worked extremely hard on this and he backed out in aiding the renegades of Cuba.  Without America's help, the renegades had no chance of overtaking Castro.  This angered the CIA because they worked hard on this matter and many of the Cubans wanting to overtake Castro were killed because of America's lack of help.

The second possible reason is that the CIA was scared that Kennedy would do the same to Vietnam as he had done to Cuba.  The CIA did not to take the chance that Kennedy would let Vietnam fall to communism as Cuba had done.

The last possible reason would be as a response to a major amount of firings that Kennedy had ordered within the CIA.  The CIA directro Allen Dulles was the first to be fired following the Bay of Pigs disaster.  Dulles was ironically part of the Warren Commission.  Also, the CIA feared that Kennedy would get rid of the CIA for misleading Kennedy about Cuba.

The CIA assembled a team to take out Kennedy.  This team of shooters includes Cubans and the Mafia.  Oswald is added so the public will think it is him and not the CIA performing this operation.  On the day of the shooting, everything went as planned and Oswald got the blame for killing the President.

Many of the officials that were involved in the murder of the President were also on the Warren Commission.  They could have easily tampered with and destroyed evidence that would have proven that the CIA killed Kennedy.  They would have been able to make up their own story as to how Kennedy was assassinated.

Allen Dulles was the head of the CIA before being fired by Kennedy. 
This firing may have prompted the CIA to assassinate Kennedy.

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The U.S. Government
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