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Characteristics and Appearance
Pugs are known to be a very muscular study dog, but also in some cases very overweight. They have a wrinkly face, with large eyes that see to pop out. There nose is pushed in, and no matter what the coat color, they have a black face.  They have two layers of fur coats, which they shed twice a year. There ears come in two types, button, and rose. They have a double curled tail, that they can also uncurl themselves when sleeping, etc.
Typical Pug

Caring for a Pug
Some of the main attributes that make a Pug so enjoyable to look at, also cause some major health problems for them. Bulging eyes are frequently prone to damage, and there double layer coat can create issues if they get wet with dry skin. The wrinkles in there face can also hold moister and particles that cause skin infections, so it is suggested that there wrinkles are cleaned and whipped daily. The pushed in nose also creates breathing problems that is commonly correct with surgery if issues arise.
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              of Pug Health Care